Plot Holes


Those pesky plot holes. You’ll find them everywhere if you look hard enough, even in real life.

What do we do with those things in life that just don’t make sense? Label them, point them out and focus on them?

In fiction, there is something we call the “suspension of disbelief”. It’s what makes professional wrestling so much fun. It’s when we “buy in” to a story and simply enjoy the ride.

I’m choosing today to ignore the plot holes in my life right now and to enjoy the good things and the ride I’m on, no matter how bumpy. The best is yet to come and whether it all makes sense or not, it is an adventure.

If you listened to LYCCYX Episode 1 on Audible or iTunes and hated it, we have good news: we went back and ironed things out a bit. If you loved it, we think you’ll love it even more.

So be sure to refresh your copy or try it for the first time free with your Audible trial or for one credit if you’re a member.

If you find any plot holes, try to think of them as “imagination buffers” where you get to fill in the blanks :-)


Just a Few Hours Left

Wounded Warrior Project

There are just a few hours left in 2014 to give to an organization that we proudly support, the Wounded Warrior Project.

Your one-time gift or regular contribution helps make a difference in the lives of those who keep us free.

Revised Audiobook Now Available

We are pleased to announce that the revised audio version of LYCCYX Episode 1 – The Declaration is now available!

This is based on the Third Edition of the eBook and is narrated by Mike Paine. If you already own the current version, be sure to re-download it to your device to get the update.

Check it out here:

Thanks, and stay tuned.



A quick note

We have some great announcements coming up soon that we can’t wait to tell you about.

In the meantime, here is a picture of Finn eagerly awaiting the next release from the world of LYCCYX.


photo (1)

We’re Back

We took a much-needed break but now we are back with some exciting news. We just released the Third Edition of LYCCYX Episode 1 and updated the covers on both episodes.

If you haven’t yet, click refresh in your Kindle menu to update your copy. The changes are subtle but our new editor went through and really cleaned things up to make the story easier to follow.

Stay tuned for more to come. In the meantime, Episode 1 is FREE in most territories.

Free (Almost) Everywhere

We have been working hard to make LYCCYX Episode 1 FREE in as many places as possible. There are certain restrictions that we must abide by but for now, Episode 1 is free on Amazon, Nook, Kobo, Sony, and several others in the US, UK, Canada, India, and several other countries.

To get your free copy, check out our global ad page over at iAuthor here

If you live in a country where it isn’t free yet, post a comment here and we’ll make sure you can get a copy (your request will be hidden but we will respond).

Also, keep up with the latest and greatest news and more by following us on Twitter.

We have some big announcements coming up soon so stay tuned!

-B and the LYCCYX team

Winners Announced

Thanks to everyone who participated in our audiobook giveaway. The winners were announced over at our Facebook page:

If you haven’t read Episode 1, or know someone who hasn’t, get it free (for now) at almost any eBook retailer by searching for “LYCCYX” or check out our global ad page here: here:

Thanks again and stay tuned,


Audiobook Giveaway

We just celebrated one year of LYCCYX and we are giving away 3 copies of our top selling audiobooks (retail $6 and up each).

Enter by following the link below.

It’s quick and simple to enter and feel free to enter every day of the contest until it ends on August 17, 2013.

Thanks for your participation and most of all, thanks for bringing this dream of ours to life.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

A Brief Intermission with a Bonus

Hello LYCCYX fans,

We are taking a short break before our next release. If you haven’t read Episode 2, check it out and be sure to tell everyone you know to pick up the first one…

By the way, Episode 1 is back on nearly every eBook format available and FREE on several. So, go grab as many copies as you want while you can (send out a few as gifts even) and once again thank you for your incredible support.

Just search for LYCCYX on Nook, iBooks, Sony eBooks, etc.


Episode 3 is coming.

The LYCCYX Anthology

During our most recent promo of Episode 1, we saw the total number of downloads DOUBLE our previous record so we know people love the shorter format.

However, for those who want the complete LYCCYX experience in one volume, we are working on a LYCCYX Anthology that will include Episodes 1 and 2 along with the Valley End High series.

“Episode 3: A Fire Burns” will be added after it is published. The Anthology will be a unique experience that will also include some extras that won’t be available anywhere else.

Stay tuned for more details and if you haven’t yet read Episode 1, it is still only 99 cents here and be sure to check out our other books and audiobooks here.


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