A Glimpse of Things to Come… (Episode 2 – spoilers)

Note: this portion of the story is told from the perspective of John Stephan.

I can’t believe I shot him.  Luke and I have known each other for nearly two decades now.  I don’t know exactly how or why but I wish I had tears to shed.  When I see this beast in the mirror, I wonder if there is any possibility of me becoming human again.  The Resistance left a case of STRIPES at our doorstep with a message:

“Greetings Hyans,

We are offering you the opportunity to choose life and live well.  The canisters contained herein are the antidote to the LYCCYX virus.  To administer, hold the smooth end against the skin of the neck or inner elbow and press the red button on the opposite side to inject the serum.  The effects should be felt in seconds and the process is completely painless.  You might experience dizziness, drowsiness, feelings of elation, blurred vision, and or a tingling sensation at the injection site but this is normal and should dissipate within a few hours.

Please accept this as a free gift with no strings attached.  There is no need to surrender at this time.

More instructions will arrive shortly.

-The Resistance”

“What is their game?” I wondered.  Nothing in life is truly free.  I pulled one of the cylinders out of the case and held it in my hand.  It was about the width of a normal man’s hand and was made of some sort of lightweight alloy with slots that revealed a glowing red liquid within.  I looked closely at the liquid and noticed captivating sparkles that seemed to give off a mystical tone.  I peered out across the developing New Earth landscape, took a deep breath of the artificially generated atmosphere and the greenish-blue skies and marveled at the wonders of emerging technologies that stretched out before me.  I figured if there was a need for an antidote, this stuff might make life a bit more interesting.  Worst case scenario: I might not have to worry about shaving today (like I could).

I pressed the cool metal cylinder to my neck and felt the glowing cross-shaped button on the opposite end and gave it a click.  Suddenly, a faint “tsst” sound followed by ecstatic warmth started from my chest and flowed out to my fingers and toes.  Clumps of coarse animal hair fell from my skin as my ears, nose, teeth, and appendages returned to their normal size.

“Ha, I’m FREEEE!” I squealed like a four year old girl while jumping in public.  Several workers across the water turned and looked at me like a cow staring at a new gate.  I nodded and was thankful that they were well out of visual range (they couldn’t see who I was and probably didn’t care).

It was a new day and I felt like a billion UC credits.  I walked back into the lab and heard the energy shield engage behind me.  I took a few steps forward and looked at my reflection.   I look incredible and still have much of the muscle LYCCYX gave me.

In the corner the six green vials of LYCCYX called my name and reminded me that I could trust no one.  We must move forward with our plans.  Maybe this time, that brat Xander would listen to me.  I began dictating a message into my LifeMate…

//To be continued.

LYCCYX: Episode 2 – Rise of the Hyans

Coming Soon

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