The story behind the story

Though I have shared with a few close friends, I have yet to publicly discuss the beginnings of the story of LYCCYX. On October 31, 2009 I woke up from a dream.  I saw a scene of a wolf-like creature sitting alone on an alien landscape pondering the direction his life had taken.

How did he get here? Why was he in this state and was it permanent? Would he ever be able to return to a “normal” life? I also dreamed about a killer virus and the hero’s quest to deliver the cure and win the “hearts and minds” of the victims infected with the virus. It would be a near-impossible task.

I sat down to write about my dream and realized the makings of a good story. I have to admit, I’m not much of a science fiction reader though I do enjoy the genre. My reading of sci-fi consisted of the classics as well as a few fantasy series. When I began to write about the characters in my dream/story and the interactions and challenges faced by both sides: the victims of the virus, who now considered themselves the latest evolutionary state of humanity and the humans, who wanted to provide a “cure”, a grand saga began to form.

Being a software engineer by trade, I decided this story would be best told in a video game format.  I went to work almost immediately putting together a few models and 3D environments in a tool called Blender.  Before long, I had some simple prototypes and a few videos put together.

The excitement of thinking I had stumbled on the next blockbuster game franchise was ultimately stifled by a few career changes and geographical moves.  Fast forward to the summer of 2012, when I heard a friend of mine had published a science fiction series on Amazon Kindle, I began to have hope once again that my story could see the light of day.

A few months later, the first episode has been published and made a few top 100 lists (even hitting the top 50 for a moment) and now the collector’s edition with a preview chapter of Episode 2.  It is awesome to think that so many people (relative to the few I had told about the game idea) could now experience the story that I believe has potential to start some interesting discussions.

What will humanity do when we run out of room and resources on Earth? Should we do something about it now? Given the choice, would we choose to be something other than human?

More questions could be asked but the main thing is that the human race is in for some interesting challenges in the days ahead. Are you ready?

There will always be a way for people to enjoy the story free of charge, but I do hope to raise enough funds through book sales to take the LYCCYX saga to the next level.  As always, a portion of our proceeds will go to charitable groups worldwide.

Hope you enjoy the story.


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