Three years ago

I meant to post this yesterday, but three years ago (Oct 31, 2009) I woke up with a dream that later became the story of LYCCYX (you can read about it in “Story Behind the Story” post).  It was my goal to release Episode 2 to celebrate but it isn’t quite ready.

A few days ago I wrote a short story called “A Stormy Night” which has been published on both Smashwords and Kindle (available free for a limited time). The story is loosely inspired by some themes we will be exploring in Ep2.

My new goal is to publish Episode 2 as soon as possible (no delivery date just yet) so everyone can enjoy the journey Xander and Stephan go on and eventually  find out how it ends in Ep3 (my personal favorite of the trilogy).

So while you wait for Episode 2, check out “A Stormy Night” and please post a review when you finish it. That helps us build a greater following so we can bring you better stories in a variety of formats.

Thanks and enjoy the ride,


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