Another Great Resource

If you have a book you are trying to promote, be sure to check out Google Books.

There are two ways to promote your books, upload and make the text searchable or sell your book.

The search feature allows potential readers to search the entire text of your book without having access to read the complete book. They block out a percentage of pages that you specify.

Also, you can post links to your storefront or wherever your book is available. The cool part is that you can get paid for the ads that appear next to your book on the search page.

You can choose to sell your book through Google Books on Google Play.

It is a good idea to check with your publisher and or distributor before listing your book to ensure you comply with any terms of your contract. I believe the search feature is more acceptable to
many publishers and is a great way to let readers sample and search your book as well as help your rankings on Google.

For an example, check out: LYCCYX on Google Books

All the best,

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