eBook Length and New Media

Recently, I have noticed an interesting trend on the length of eBooks. It seems with the explosive popularity of ereaders and tablets, the eBook continues to grow both in number of titles and number of readers. Perhaps the best part of this new trend is the growing attraction of younger readers to eBooks. These are readers who are normally accustomed to video games and short videos online – those who may not have the attention span of the average literary reader.

One thing that has not grown, at least in the titles I have been seeing lately, is the length in pages of the average eBook. For eBooks, page numbers vary greatly due to the various screen sizes of the devices on which they are read. It seems that the average I have been seeing for both fiction and nonfiction is around 50 pages. Yes, there are still full-length novels out there with significantly more pages but 50 pages seems to be a sweet spot for eBooks. It seems that this number gives the reader a full experience that can be enjoyed in a relatively short time and is especially popular for episodic content (as in a series).

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