Connecting the Dots

If you have been following us on social media, you have probably heard about this week’s free promotion of Valley End High – part one of a short story series that occurs within the LYCCYX timeline.

Some readers have mixed feelings about short stories so I thought I would take a moment to discuss how VEH fits into the greater scheme of things. Valley End High is a side story that introduces a key element that features prominently in Episode 2. It is difficult to say much about it without spoiling the story but the Valley End High series (there are currently 2 and there will be at least one more before LYCCYX: Episode 3 is released) really fleshes out what is happening on Earth during the events of the first 2 episodes of LYCCYX.

Episode 2 is officially done and will be hitting Amazon shortly so take the opportunity to enjoy a great free read if you haven’t already. We are thinking of taking down the series and republishing as a compilation so this might be the last chance to get the first one free.

Hope everyone has a great week and has a chance to read Valley End High, an Amazon Top 50 in Mysteries & Thrillers (#42). Get it here.

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