Stay Tuned for an Announcement

Thanks to everyone for the amazing response to our newest audiobook releases! In case you haven’t heard, we recently launched “LYCCYX Episode 2: Rise of the Hyans”, narrated by Mike Paine and the first 2 “Valley End High” stories narrated by Eric Nutting.

All of our books can be had for one Audible member credit or purchased at the member discount (or normal price if you prefer). For a no-risk way to check them out, try Audible free for 30 days. I gave it try, thinking “I’ll probably just listen to my books then cancel” but to my surprise I decided to keep my membership. They offer rewards and incentives that you simply can’t get anywhere else when it comes to audiobooks.

Now for the news, we have some big releases coming up. Many of our readers prefer more substantial books while others prefer the novella format. We are going to do our best to offer something to both groups very soon. Think of it as something like a season pass to the universe of LYCCYX… except it lasts forever.

Have a great weekend and stay awesome.


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