What is LYCCYX?

What is LYCCYX
LYCCYX is coming.

Sorry for the interruption. It appears there are forces at work trying to stop the flow of information related to LYCCYX.

Please help us by posting what you think LYCCYX is, what it does, or perhaps what it did…

Thank you for your support and keep it clean as there may be young minds reading this page.

– The Voice

3 thoughts on “What is LYCCYX?

  1. Knowledge is power, my friends. Arm yourselves with it and defeat the enemy within…

    Please feel free to post any thoughts you might want to share here, but remember: you are writing future history.

    – The Voice

  2. Always remember that the darkest night precedes the most brilliant light and that hope is a strong sail in a storm wrought in the fury of hatred. Luceat Lux Vestra.

    -Xavier Cross

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