How it all began…

September 11, 2041 – Forty years after the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, the Energy Peace Treaty between the United Continents and the Mideastern Region was signed.

It came at a tremendously high cost – Earth’s supply of petroleum is now spent.

After opening the Strategic Petroleum Reserves in ’36, it took us less than half of the estimated time to deplete them.  Decades of war left our planet nearly uninhabitable.

Fortunately, a top-secret project was started in the late ’20s with the intention of colonizing Mars.

However, the rapid use of our natural resources shortened the scope of the project to focus on Earth’s moon.  If successful, the minerals and resources found on the moon and collected by the Asteroid Mining Corporation would allow future generations to reach Mars and preserve what is left of the human race.

More to come,

– The Voice

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