AMC purchases rights to lunar land

June 20, 2047 – The Asteroid Mining Corporation today purchased the rights to develop 52% of the moon’s surface including the airspace and subterranean levels. The rest will remain a “lunar preserve” for international use – in the hope that Earth will someday colonize the area.

The agreement was completed today and signed into effect in an attempt by the United Continents to generate revenue for ongoing research into lunar colonization and “clean” energy production. Lawmakers resisted the bid to purchase the lunar surface for the last several years until it became apparent that Earth’s economy is now heavily dependent on AMC’s resources.

AMC has recently established their own security forces that now exceed the UC’s military. In fact, a good portion of the UCM is supplemented by AMC contract troops.

Experts warned that AMC would take over the world’s economy if regulations were not enacted.

This appears to be the happening with alarming speed.

-The Voice

One thought on “AMC purchases rights to lunar land

  1. Dear Mom and Dad,

    We just finished our first week here at the Academy and man was it tough! We met our instructors and were organized into units. Mine is the Alpha Unit, which is made up of the most athletic trainees, isn’t that exciting!

    Next week we start combat training. The Alpha Unit will spend more time training for combat since we are the best of the best. I can’t wait for the advanced weapons course. Hopefully, I will qualify on the Mk5 pulse rifle and earn a few extra credits.

    Well, gotta go for now. It’s almost time for lights out and we have a busy day ahead.

    Love you and can’t wait to graduate and see you again,

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