Q and A and F

If anyone has any questions and/or feedback regarding the LYCCYX trilogy, please post here. 

In the future, we would like to put together a Frequently Asked Questions area where readers and fans of the series can post questions and comments to help others who may be new to the story.

Thanks for the feedback and thank you for reading.


2 thoughts on “Q and A and F

    1. Kate (Katherine Leanne Jenkins) is Luke’s love interest throughout the story. Her father was a Green Beret who went missing in action (presumed dead) when Kate was 12. Her mother was an Army nurse who later became an MD and currently lives in the Southeast Region of the United Continents. Kate is a martial arts prodigy – earning multiple black belts and gold medals in a variety of fighting styles at an early age. She also enjoys art, horseback riding, classic rock and antique cars.

      We will see more of Kate’s story develop in Episode 2.

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