LYCCYX in expanded distribution

LYCCYX is now moving beyond the digital and specialty paperback market and into the mainstream.  To search more of the text of Episode 1, head over to Google Books and search for LYCCYX.  This will allow readers a chance to preview more of the story and search the entire text of the book to see if it is something they might want to get into.  We realize that not everyone is a fan of science fiction but we believe that there is something for everyone in the pages of LYCCYX and want to make it a freely available as possible.

Episode 1, and all subsequent episodes, will now be available for order wherever books are sold.  Public libraries may now request it.  If your local bookstore is able to order titles they do not have on the shelves, they can now order it as well.

Thanks for reading everyone and let us hope the story of LYCCYX spreads as virally as its namesake.



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