Plot Holes


Those pesky plot holes. You’ll find them everywhere if you look hard enough, even in real life.

What do we do with those things in life that just don’t make sense? Label them, point them out and focus on them?

In fiction, there is something we call the “suspension of disbelief”. It’s what makes professional wrestling so much fun. It’s when we “buy in” to a story and simply enjoy the ride.

I’m choosing today to ignore the plot holes in my life right now and to enjoy the good things and the ride I’m on, no matter how bumpy. The best is yet to come and whether it all makes sense or not, it is an adventure.

If you listened to LYCCYX Episode 1 on Audible or iTunes and hated it, we have good news: we went back and ironed things out a bit. If you loved it, we think you’ll love it even more.

So be sure to refresh your copy or try it for the first time free with your Audible trial or for one credit if you’re a member.

If you find any plot holes, try to think of them as “imagination buffers” where you get to fill in the blanks 🙂


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