The problem of alternative energy

May 21, 2045 – Our quest to find viable alternative energy solutions begins to wane while engaged in an energy war on multiple fronts.  The hardest hit targets on both sides are our “clean” fusion facilities and biofuel production sites.

Cyberwar is now the primary mode of destruction with physical war second.  Humanity’s focus on consumption continues in spite of the dwindling supplies of biofuel.

In 2029, a multinational conglomerate was formed called the Asteroid Mining Corporation.  With commercial space travel becoming almost routine in the last few years, the remnants of NASA combined with several private space contractors to form AMC –  for the purpose of mining resources from near-Earth asteroids.

Many politicians and analysts warned against this merger.  They said that AMC would become too large and beyond all government oversight and regulation.

They were right.

Stay tuned,

– The Voice

One thought on “The problem of alternative energy

  1. While the current state of planet Earth appears very dim, there is hope.

    With all the advancements in technology, mankind still seeks a better life and room to grow.

    Our plans of colonizing other planets (starting with our moon) provide a glimmer of hope that we will continue as a species.

    Still, some say that we humans deserve to go extinct. Some say we have committed too many evils.

    Perhaps it is up to us as individuals to write our own story; to build our own future.

    – The Voice

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